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Poll: Who Will Win Super Bowl 52?(Contest Details Inside)

We are 50 days away from the kick off of the 2017-18 NFL season. Who do you believe is going to hoist the Lombardi Trophy in US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota 2/4/18? Cast your vote now! Those of you who comment what two teams you think will be in the game going head to…

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Poll: More Celebrated TV Death in 2016?

2016 has been a very interesting year in TV. Two amazing moments that seem to have been long awaited and very celebrated would be the deaths of two hated characters Holly from Starz Power & Ramsay Bolton from Game Of Thrones. Vote for who you believe is the more celebrated TV death of 2016. For…

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yeezus cover

Poll: In Retrospect was Yeezus trash?

On this day in 2013 the world was blessed with Kanye’s 7th album (if you count Watch The Throne) “Yeezus“. For many it wasn’t even a hip hop album, to others it was 40 minutes of musical amazingness. But as we look back 3 years is this album classic or trash? (Word to Desus and…

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fight poll mayweather vs mcgregor

Poll: Strictly Boxing Who Wins Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

According to multiple sources including Bleacher Report there is a deal in the works for a boxing match between the recently “retired” undefeated champ Floyd Mayweather and the also recently “retired” Conor McGregor. As a fan of boxing this might be the only fight I would still pay big $ to see. It seems like…

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drake vs yeezy

Poll: I.Y.H.O Better Discography MUSICALLY? Kanye or Drake

With them both recently releasing albums that have the entire world talking we ask the question…. “In your honest opinion who has the better discography MUSICALLY Drizzy or Yeezy??” Consider all their projects including the joint projects with other artists such as Drake X Future “What a Time To Be Alive” and Kanye X Jayz…

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AyeVerb vs Real Deal

Poll: Who Won Real Deal vs Ayeverb?

Real Deal and AyeVerb went head to head at DOA “Dead on Arrival” a few weeks back in Pittsburgh. Vote for who you think took the win

Brainofbmw Who Will Win King of The Burgh 7

Poll: Who Will Win King of The Burgh 7

Cast you vote for what up and coming artist you believe will win King Of The Burgh 7

Poll Brainofbmw

Poll: Who Won Worth vs Barz Blackman?

If you are late to the party listen to both songs below & hit the links for my review of each. Listen then cast your vote, the winner will get an interview on Brainofbmw.com, as well as some merch from the site & half off any of our promotional services (email blasts, social media promotion…

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Poll: Who Won? Loaded Lux vs Charlie Clips

At Summer Madness 5 Charlie Clips went head to head with Loaded Lux… who do you think won?? Vote below the video…


Poll: Who Won?? Worth vs GHH

Lets cut to the chase… Listen to both tracks.. tell me who you think won…. Worth “Mike Vick Part 1” or Greenhouse Houligans “Four Horsemen” (prod. By Greenhouse Hooligans)

Poll: Who Will Win King Of The Burgh 5?

Saturday, September 5at 8:00pm The Rex Theater 1602 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15203 With great success the Pittsburgh competition series King of the Burgh is back and better then ever!! With over $5k in cash and prizes this will be the most packed in event yet. Sponsors and support are at an all time…

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Poll: “Best Rap Albums of 2015…So Far”

Staff writer Blade Brown just dropped his “Best Rap Albums of 2015…So Far” list read it here. Vote for what you believe is the best rap album of 2015 so far. BMW believes it’s Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise“(Read Blade’s review here). Vote below!!! Be sure to follow @Brainofbmw on IG & Twitter “Like” us on Fb…

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