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Rudy Rude Dog Reyes Interviews Steelers 6th Round Pick – Travis Feeney

“Rude Dog’s” recent exclusive interview with Travis Feeney OLB (Washington) about his time at his alma mater, NFL Combine, Techniques, James Harrison, Joey Porter, and his family who will have an opportunity to witness his home games from the local area Brownsville, PA.. Follow Rude Dog on Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/therudedogshow Follow on Twitter – @rudedogreyes…

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super bowl 51

Poll: Who Will Win Super Bowl 51?

The 2016 NFL Draft and free agency have come and gone (for the most part) as we sit and patiently wait for training camp we ask… Who do you think will win Super Bowl 51? Check out the odds for each team courtesy of vegasinsider.com Minnesota will play host for Super Bowl 52 (details: on.nfl.com/1Wqa4BN ) Website:…

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the secret to success podcast brainofbmw

Podcast: The Secret to Success Ep 3: “Momma I’m on TV”

So you all know I’m a huge fan/supporter of Eric “ET The hip Hop Preacher” Thomas. I saw a few weeks ago that some Steeler players were posting pics with him. I assumed he was just there to speak with the team. Well I found out during this podcast that he was brought in by…

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SuperBowl 50 Brainofbmw Poll

Who Will Win Super Bowl 50?

Now that the New England Patriots have been crowned Super Bowl champions. Its time to think about next season. Well some of us have been thinking about next season for a long time already now we ALL can. So who do you think will win in 2016? It will all go down at Levi Stadium…

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Brainofbmw Im Here For That Graphic

“I’m Here for That” by BMW

Just wanted to let you know a few things that “I’m here for” in one way or another… Mull this over.. Riley Cooper said ON VIDEO while drunk “I’ll fight every N*GGER here bro” and he is still in the league just got a contract extension too….. But Ray Rice can’t even play as himself on…

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