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Smoove Gotti Brainofbmw Music

Smoove Gotti “No Money” Ft Eightball & MJG

“No Money” is a smooth new track from Smoove Gotti featuring southern hip hop legends Eightball & MJG. This is what I considering “ridin music” throw this on windows down & just ride out in almost any car. Twitter: @smoovegotti216 Facebook: www.facebook.com/smoovegotti

Rav.P Swerve 916 Brainofbmw Music

Swerve 916 Ft Rav.P “Good Vibes Good Energy” (prod by Rav.P)

Wasn’t really sure about this song at first but I gave it a few spins one part really stuck out to me. One of the artists said something about how its acceptable & encouraged for people to take ritalin in america but weed is a bad thing. BOOM! Instant win for me, I agree with…

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Trev Rich Brainofbmw Music

Trev Rich “Away”

Dope new song from up & coming artist Trev Rich called “Away“. Very dope track where Trev seems to open up & reflect on his days gone by & confirms his determination to keep moving to make it not for himself but for those counting on him. Twitter: @trevrichhd Facebook: www.facebook.com/TrevRichHD

Jimmy Valentime “Dancin (On A Pole)” (prod by Newo Tha Kid)

“Dancin (On A Pole)” is the newest release from up & coming hip hop artist Jimmy Valentime produced by Newo Tha Kid. https://soundcloud.com/jimmyvalentime/dancin-on-a-pole Purchase “Dancin (On A Pole)” via chat Website: somethinglikearapper.com Twitter: @jimmyvalentime @newothakid

Tara Priya Brainofbmw Music

Tara Priya “Friends Like These”

“Friends Like These” is the latest release from talented artist Tara Priya. The “Friends Like These” EP is coming soon for now take my advice & get familiar with the title track! Twitter: @TaraPriya

Mookz ft Jahmez “Ghost Ride”

“Ghost Ride” is a dope new song from Mookz a talented dubstep producer featuring Jahmez. https://soundcloud.com/mookzdubz/ghostride Twitter: @moneymookz Facebook: www.facebook.com/mookzdubz Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/mookzdubz

Dan Status Podcast Brainofbmw

Podcast: Real Rap J-Pad Da Juggernaut Interview [Episode 5]

New Real Rap Podcast from Dan Status featuring the talented J-Pad Da Juggernaut. This is a dope interview in which JPad speaks a ton of knowledge about the music industry. Twitter: @danstatus Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/danstatus YouTube: www.youtube.com/danstatus IG: @danstatus

Nevi Brandan Brainofbmw Music

Nevi Brandan “Whip It”

“Whip It” is the a new song from up & coming R&B artist Nevi Brandan. This is sort of a remix to the classic Babyface “Whip Appeal” song. Some might be offended by him touching a classic, I’m entertained by this track & I’m looking forward to hearing some more. Twitter: @NeviBrandan Facebook: www.facebook.com/NeviBrandanMusic IG:…

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Joe Sauseda Brainofbmw Music

Joe Sauseda “Still Searching”

“Still Searching” is the latest release from up & coming Austin TX artist Joe Sauseda. Twitter: @joesauseda

chief waKiL Brainofbmw Music

chief waKiL “Ambidextrous”

“Ambidextrous” is the latest visual offering from chief waKiL with assistance from that talentedJinjoo TheGuitarGirL. This song is on point, chief waKiL offers some very much needed lyrical content to the current climate. The produciton is crisp & the overall sound has me pressing replay instead of skip. Twitter: @chiefwakil @jinjoomusic @AllDefDigital

Yung Zay Brainofbmw Music

Yung Zay “F#!K It”

Hailing from Helena, Arkansas aka “Helltown” TMG Squad CEO Yung Zay brings us a new track called “F#ck It“. This single is following up to his latest mixtape “Instagrams” Twitter: @TMGSquadYungZay

Vaig Brainofbmw Music

Vaig “Rings Of Saturn” Ft S.M.P. (prod by Ty Milla)

“Rings Of Saturn” is the latest release from Pittsburgh artist Vaig featuring S.M.P. with production from Ty Milla. Purchase “Rings Of Saturn” via iTunes today!Facebook: Facebook.com/TheOfficialvaig Twitter: @Officialvaig YouTube: Youtube.com/VaigVizion Website:¬†TheOfficialVaig.com

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