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Bankroll Freshs Uncle Pens Dear Vlad Letter On Behalf of Street Money Records

Bankroll Fresh’s Uncle Pens “Dear Vlad Letter” On Behalf of Street Money Records

I’m (BMW) not a supporter of violence, negativity or DJ Vlad. I’m sharing this because it’s vitally important that any and all people who are followers of hip hop understand exactly why DJ Vlad and his site are bad for the culture. Special thanks to @Eleven8 for this check the info below. Just days after…

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“How To Write A Hit Song” by Mark Cawley

If chart success is your songwriting goal, then you need to pay attention to how today’s hits are actually written. MARK CAWLEY of iDoCoach.com shares some thoughts on breaking into a very competitive field.. Even as I sit down to write this, I can hear the groans. “Who is this guy? How can he claim…

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The PrezShow Presents: The Prezsuit of Dopeness

I’m glad that VA is doing this & I have already submitted a small contribution to the cause & I look forward to sending some more to help the cause. I hope that every artist he has featured on his site can contribute at the least $1. It gets you a free shout out on…

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Lloyd Speaks On 360 Deals

I’m doing some research getting ready to put together a promo campaign for a new client & I hit youtube for one thing & after I saw that video this one was a suggested watch. Here R&B veteran Llyod speaks on 360 deals & gives some interesting points of view on them check it out….

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A Demo A Day Brainofbmw

Songwriting Tip: A Demo A Day by Joe Bouchard

When many of the great rock songs were written in the ’60s, writers would hack out a song in an hour or two. For example, “A Hard Day’s Night” was written by John Lennon overnight. The next morning it was done and ready to record in a few hours. I’m very happy with the songs…

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[ Brain Food ] The Harry Fox Agency

ChaseLawyers On: Breaking Into The Music Industry Today’s Topic: The Harry Fox Agency (HFA) Under US copyright law (and in most other developed countries), an individual has copyright ownership in his/her original musical composition as soon as he/she fixes it in a “tangible medium” (like writing it down or recording it). One of the important…

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[ Brain Food ] ChaseLawyers: TuneCore v CDBaby

ChaseLawyers℠ On Breaking Into The Music Industry Today’s Topic: TuneCore v CDBaby With digital music sales increasing due to the decline of physical albums, companies (called “aggregators”) such as TuneCore and CDBaby are revolutionizing marketing opportunities for independent artists. Aside from offering online music distribution and performance-royalty collection (working alongside PROs), they also collect publishing…

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[ Brain Food ] ChaseLawyers “Work-For-Hire”

ChaseLawyers On Breaking Into The Music Industry According to the United States Copyright Act [17 USC Sec. 102], an author enjoys copyright protection as soon as he/she “fixes” his/her original work in a “tangible medium of expression” (for example by writing it down or recording it). The same principle applies, however, for independent contractors (artists,…

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[ Music News ] Kellie Maize Wants You On Her Album Cover!

Talented artist Kellee Maize is set to release her 5th album & she wants YOU on her cover! Check out the details below!!!   I want you to be on the cover of my new album!   My 5th album which is called 5th element is coming soon. As I understand it, the 5th element…

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[ Music Info ] Music Marketing on a Budget

Many independent artists find themselves at a standstill, due to being intimidated by marketing. No matter where you are in your career, marketing your music should be a priority. It is essential to growth. Here are some tips to help you out even if you’re on a tight budget. Stickers- People love stickers because it shows…

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What Is An AnR Brainofbmw Music

[ Music Info ] What is an A&R?

Guest blog post from Josh Hayward First an announcement: On top of mixing/producing I have become an A&R (Artist and Repertoire) by joining up with Palace Music Group Digital Distribution because they offer excellent services for prices that don’t break the bank and all services benefit the artist because they are non-binding and non-exclusive. In…

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Push Power Promo Contest Brainofbmw

[ Music News ] Push Power Promo “Song of the Month”

Push Power Promo partners with Youtube and Wishpond in search for the Song of the Month! Upload your song via Youtube for a go at our monthly contest! ALL Genres are welcome. Lyric videos, uploads with pictures, and music videos are all welcomed equally! Original Songs only, no covers. One entry per artist. Artist Must…

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