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Monk McNizzle “Eat Like A Player”

California rapper and self-described “performance artist” Monk McNizzle presents the Christian Hernandez-directed music video for “Eat Like A Player”, the Freaq Show-produced single from his new album Monk McNizzle, featuring production from Big Shawn Costello, Conceit, Freaq Show, and Prime Phillips. “Monk McNizzle” album on Bandcamp Twitter @monkmcnasty, @yougots2chill, @eastbayenigma  Facebook | Instagram

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[ Video ] Monk McNizzle “Just Imagine”

California rapper Monk McNizzle presents the self-directed music video for “Just Imagine”, the new Conceit-produced single from his new album Monk McNizzle. McNasty made his name as a battler on the GrindTime circuit before releasing last year’s Full Metal Rapshet mixtape. In 2011 rapper Malkovich featured him alongside Chris Clarke and Sum on “Chuck Davis” (click to…

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