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King SwaVay feat. ME8ighty - "I Don't Play That"

King SwaVay ft. ME8ighty “I Don’t Play That”

Get ready for an electric, millennial new wave. King SwaVay returns with a follow up to uber bouncy hit ‘Back Pockets’ with a high intensity single titled ‘I Don’t Play That’. Using the famous 90’s catchphrase that was used by Homie D. Clown (Damon Wayans) in the groundbreaking sketch comedy series ‘In Living Color’ –…

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King SwaVay

King SwaVay ft Shawn Calrissian & ME8ighty “Back Pockets”

Check out the video for King SwaVay’s debut single, “Back Pockets” featuring Shawn Calrissian & ME8ighty. Twitter: @DreemENTMusic

King Smooth & ME8ighty Brainofbmw Music

[ The Distribution ] King Smooth & ME8ighty “The Creep (#RiskyBiz)”

  How can a subject so wrong be the premise of such a dope song? Similar to the classic jam this song samples TLC’s “Creep” & the dopness that is John Legend’s “She Don’t Have To Know“, King Smooth & ME8ighty bring us “The Creep(#RiskyBiz)“. This song is dope its that simple, it does the…

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