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Magnificent Ruffians Brainofbmw Album

[ Album ] Magnificent Ruffians & Dkoldis “Reality”

“Album # 16. This time we decided to colab with our personal friend Dkoldis. He is like a brother to us and we all go way back to the days of Colton High School. Now as grown men in the game, we all have new talents, views and ideas when it comes to music so…

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[ The Distribution ] Magnificent Ruffians “Mr. Incognito”

California super group Magnificent Ruffians drops their new single “Mr. Incognito“. The track is off their new album “Reality”, which is scheduled to drop in January.   Links: Facebook Myspace iTunes Bandcamp

[ Album ] Magnificent Ruffians “Prize Fighter”

They’re back… The Magnificent Ruffians bless you with their 15th album, PRIZE FIGHTERS! “This album is on some battle rapper slash MMA slash Boxer slash Bruce Lee type shit! Not for the faint of heart. But if you enjoy the sight of blood every once and a while, then this shit is for you! Raw…

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