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[ The Distribution ] Clifftop Vandalz (Switzerland) ft N.B.S. “Life is Good”

 “Life Is Good” is the first release off the upcoming full length album “Global Vandalizm” which is entirely produced by Swiss duo “Clifftop Vandalz”and will be dropping for free download in June. It features a lot of young, unknown mc’s who are hungry and always down to work but also some already well known artists….

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[The Distribution] Sean-Toure “Life is Good” (ft Dionne Wilkins)

 It’s almost been a year and half since Sean-Toure’ released his critically acclaimed Sound Channeler, The Invisibleman album (Rosachi Music Group). The album has proven to be a musical and entertaining amalgam of soulful beats, introspective lyrics, and an honesty that seems to be missing in the Hip Hop soundscape. Sean’s SCTIM album continues to…

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