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Lazy BlackMan “KnewGODz”

Recently, well last week actually we interviewed 1/2 of the dynamic duo Lazy Blackman on the Picking The Brain Podcast. During that interview we asked Barz Blackman what would become of the group because recently Lazy JP announced he was done making music. You’ll have to listen to find out exactly what Barz said. BUT…

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Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 8 ft Michael Warbux

In Episode 8 Sara, BMW, Iph & Mrs BMW discuss Lebron James charity, growing an ear on your arm, Artificial Intelligence, among other topics & interview YouTube Star Michael Warbux and they review & upcoming artists song. Subscribe to the “Picking The Brain” podcast via¬†iTunes!Subscribe to MichaelWarbux on YouTube¬†https://goo.gl/21H39r Intro: Nikki Vianna “Let It Go”…

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Recap & Poll: King Of The Burgh Champions by BMW

First of all I want to reiterate what DJ Afterthought said, everybody in the contest was a winner last night, they got to rock TWICE in front of great crowds (last night & at a previous show), they got a chance to gain new fans, network with other folks in the local scene, and sell…

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Lazy Blackman Brainofbmw Music

Lazy Blackman “Death at the Party”

Lazy Blackman is the fusion of the beings known as Lazy JP & Barz Blackman. Together, with their powers combined they have become an unstoppable creative force. “Death at the Party” marks the first step into a brave new world. Their upcoming experimental project, The RAWk LAWbster EP intends to explore new ground sonically for…

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