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Jarred AllStar “Before Heaven EP”

New project from Jarred AllStar called “Before Heaven EP“. I really like “Wine & Dine/Who’s At My Door” song has a great vibe both J Me’Lon & Jarred kill this song. Overall not a bad project, “Before Heaven” & “Heartbreaker” are solid songs. I could have done without the final track “Yell”, I respect the…

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Truth is Jarred AllStar

Jarred AllStar “Truth Is”

Jarred AllStar Check out “Truth Is” from NYC’s own Jarred AllStar. The self-proclaimed “Mayor of Long Island” actually drops of some fire. I love the aggressive delivery over a rather mellow beat, with a hook that works perfectly. Can’t go as far as to say this is a hit song but it is a great…

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