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iLLustrious Music Group - "It Was Summer" LP

iLLustrious Music Group “It Was Summer” LP

The wait is finally over…The iLLustrious Music Group releases their LP “It Was Summer”. Executive produced by in house producer Solidified and Bishop. “IT WAS SUMMER” features timeless minutes of the group’s unique brand of high-energy. From Kojazz, MeRCY, see.francis, to Bishop, iLLustrious reaches new levels of emotional depth, musicality, creativity, lyricism and song structure…

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Bishop “The Gold” (Prod by see.francis)

Illustrious Music Group members Bishop & see.francis linked up & released a track called “The Gold”. So…… that just happened, damn I’m not sure what gave me more of the “screw face” the production or the verse. “The Gold” is an amazing collaboration that calls for more music to be created by these two and…

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