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[ The Distribution ] JAY.B “4 Door” ft FowL (Prod x Tay Rhodes)

JAY.B returns with the second single from “Midnight Music” called “4 Door” featuring Fowl with production from Tay Rhodes. Twitter: @JB_HighClarity @soFowL @_TayRhodes

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[ The Distribution ] FowL “Crazy A$$ Nigga”

New music from up & coming artist FowL “Crazy A$$ Nigga” With the help of frequent collaborator Clockwork Muzik, Detroit’s own FowL channels his inner crazy on this new cut. The beat from Clockwork evolves several times and FowL stays with it every step of the way, switching up his flow as he effortlessly rides…

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[ EP ] FowL “2MuchLove” EP

  I am SUPER late on this! My apologies to all you Brainiacs who we have turned on to FowL! This guy is very talented, check out his EP “2MuchLove”. More new music from the Detroit representative is on the way (word to my email inbox). Twitter: @soFowL Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website: www.itsfowl.com/  

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[ Mixtape ] FowL “Surprise”

Check out the new mixtape from up & coming artist FowL “Surprise”   Twitter: @soFowL Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website: www.itsfowl.com/

[ The Distribution ] FowL ft Elvis Bravo “Magic” (prod. Focus)

FowL recently linked up with fellow Michigan native Elvis Bravo to record this infectious jam over hard-hitting, uptempo production from Focus. FowL switches up his flow effortlessly throughout the track, showing his versatility and range of skills on the mic. Twitter: @soFowL, @Im_ElvisBravo  Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website: www.itsfowl.com/

[ The Distribution ] Tay Rhodes ft FowL “7th Letter G” (prod. Tay Rhodes)

FowL recently linked up with fellow Michigan native Tay Rhodes in East Lansing to record this track and you can tell a competitive spirit was in the air because both artists brought the heat on “7th Letter G“. Twitter: @soFowL & @_TayRhodes FowL Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL

[ The Distribution ] FowL “Unfold” (prod. Tycoon Beats)

FowL links up with producer Tycoon Beats once again to bring us this heater titled “Unfold“. The Detroit emcee really makes his presence felt as he goes in over a menacing, hard-hitting backdrop. Enjoy this track and look out for more new music and visuals from FowL coming soon! Twitter: @soFowL, @TycoonBeats Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website:…

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[ The Distribution ] FowL “Let’s Get Paid” (prod by Tycoon Beats)

  Detroit’s own FowL is back again with a new track entitled “Let’s Get Paid“. FowL‘s slick talk is at an all time high on this one, produced by Tycoon Beats.   Twitter: @soFowL, @TycoonBeats

[ The Distribution ] FowL “Thank You” (prod. Clockwork)

New music from up & coming artist FowL “Thank You“ produced by Clockwork Twitter: @soFowL Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website: http://itsfowl.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/@Clockworkmuzik

[ The Distribution ] FowL “Young & Reckless” (prod. Clockwork)

After a very positive response to their last release “Handlin’ Business” FowL and producer Clockwork decided to go ahead and drop another jam today in “Young & Reckless”. Once again the heartfelt lyrics, infectious hook and top notch production are all present on this track. Twitter: @soFowL & @Clockworkmuzik Facebook: www.facebook.com/SoFowL Website: http://itsfowl.com/

[ The Distribution ] FowL “Handlin’ Business”

Check out the new track “Handlin’ Business” from Detroit’s own FowL, featuring production from Clockwork. Twitter: @soFowL & @Clockworkmuzik & @MindBonics Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SoFowL website: http://itsfowl.com/