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[Fashion Forward] “Sustainable Fashion” by Iph The Freshatarian

By Iph the Freshatarian    The fashion industry is a very hectic place. One week there are cool colors, the next week there are earth tones. The next big “fashion trend” is, for the most part, unpredictable. The taste makers of the world dictate that which we see on a regular daily basis, and as of…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Dream Team Couture

 [Trend Setter Tuesday] Dream Team Couture  [BMW] Who/what is Dream Team Couture?Where are you based out of?  Well actually we started Dream Team Couture in 2010. We are based out of Arkansas. When we got started…we wanted a name that would be catchy and something that symbolized/meant greatness…..we knew we wanted it to be something…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Man Cave Clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Man Cave Clothing [BMW] Who is Man Cave Clothing? Man Cave Clothing is an affordable street clothing brand based out of Pittsburgh. We started in June 2011 and have been going full speed since. We released our Fall Line Collection in September and October showing some new pieces as well as showing…

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