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Nick de la Hoyde & Auralantic – ‘Thru 2 U’ (video)

With the blending of R&B, Pop, Dance, etc. Nick De La Hoyde’s chic new track “Thru 2 U” further proves Nick is nowhere near a specific genre lane, and that’s a good thing. The track is crafted wonderfully, his penmanship is next level but the stunning sonics of his moody production is what grants this…

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ASL Dance Video

ASL Choreography LA (Dance Video)

Very dope choreography visual I came across on twitter or IG… Twitter: @DeafDancerShaheem @JocelynAnnMarieSmith

moncherie brainofbmw

MonCherie ft Safaree “What I Want”

“What I Want” is one of those gems I stumbled upon scrolling through IG. Check out MonCherie featuring Safaree, very fun song nice dance type vibe to it. Twitter: @MonCheriemusic Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/moncherie758

Joie Kathos “Like I Love You” by Justin Timberlake

So I have no idea how I came across this video BUT I’m glad I did…. Basically what you are about to witness is the dopeness in dance form. Joie Kathos & 2 other talented “movement artists” haha offer up a video of them dancing to the 2009 hit “Like I Love You” from Justin…

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Lupe Fuentes “Bad Motherfucker”

DJ?producer Lupe Fuentes hasn’t missed on a release in a long time & this new song “Bad Motherfucker” just keeps that streak moving. I love the bounce this track offers along with the cool vocal samples. I can’t figure out what movie the one part is from BUT overall this new song is on point….

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Wise Blood Brainofbmw Music

Wise Blood “BabyLand”

Check out the new “BabyLand” Ep from Pittsburgh’s own Wise Blood. Dope 6 track project with some amazing production worth several listens, back to back to back haha.. Twitter: @hopesickcola Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hopesickcola Facebook: www.facebook.com/hopesickcola

Rory Noble Brainofbmw Music

Rory Noble “So Sexy” ft Madeline

“So Sexy” by Rory Noble featuring Madeline is a dope trap song I found on soundcloud. I love the mix of the vocals & how well it blends with the production. The various sounds used in this song make it insanely dope! Glad I found it, check it out let us know what you guys…

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Heartfelt - Midnight Brainofbmw Music

Heartfelt “Midnight” Ft Freya

I just sort of stumbled on this song on SoundCloud today… I love when that happens, this is a really dope song. I love the production & the arrangement the vocals work perfectly with everything else. Enough about what I think listen to “Midnight” from HeartFelt featuring Freya & let us know how you feel…

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Milly Rock Brainofbmw Video

2 Milly “Milly Rock”

I’ve been seeing a ton of videos on IG & twitter of people doing this “Milly Rock” dance…. I’m guessing this is the source? Twitter: @2__Milly

Lupe Fuentes Brainofbmw Music Video

Lupe Fuentes “Let It Feel Alright”

Check out the cool visual for “Let It Feel Alright” DJ Lupe Fuentes new track. Purchase “Let It Feel Alright” via iTunes today!SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lupefuentes Tumblr: lupefuentes.tumblr.com IG: @lupefuentes

Lupe Fuentes Brainofbmw Music

Lupe Fuentes “Let It Feel Alright”

“Let It Feel Alright” is a recent release from House Music Producer and DJ Lupe Fuentes that accompanies the announcement of her boutique label In The Loop. Purchase “Let It Feel Alright” via iTunes today!SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/lupefuentes Tumblr: lupefuentes.tumblr.com IG: @lupefuentes

creature in the woods brainofbmw music

Creature In The Woods “Creature In The Woods” EP

“Creature In The Woods” is a smooth 4 track EP from the Brooklyn NY producer Creature In The Woods. This is a very cool blend of R&B sounds & soulfulness with electronic elements. I’m in love off the 1st listen & that love continued through listens 4 -10! Solid piece of work.   Facebook:  www.facebook.com/creatureinthewoods Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/creatureinthewoods…

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