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TroyBoi “Fireman” (Freestyle Dance ft. Dem Bague Boyz & The Misfitz Rogue )

Dope freestyle dance video. Shot and edited by Cameraman Cam Follow Dem Bague Boyz on Instagram: @dembagueboyz Check out their Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/jabague Follow Rogue on Instagram: @iarerogue Follow Cameraman Cam on Instagram: @cambamdoe209 Follow The Misfitz on Instagram @TheMisfitz_ Follow @kingcastle__ IG & @castlezworld TWITTER

Joie Kathos “Like I Love You” by Justin Timberlake

So I have no idea how I came across this video BUT I’m glad I did…. Basically what you are about to witness is the dopeness in dance form. Joie Kathos & 2 other talented “movement artists” haha offer up a video of them dancing to the 2009 hit “Like I Love You” from Justin…

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Tim James Brainofbmw Video

Tim James “Ain’t It Funny”

Dope new video from up & comimg artist Tim James “Ain’t It Funny“ Twitter: @timtothejames Instagram: @timtothejames Website: timtothejames.com

KiddDaGreat Dance Video Brainofbmw

KidaTheGreat “OG Bobby Johnson” ( Dance Video)

A few months ago you might recall seeing the vine video of KiddTheGreat at a TommyTheClown battle killing his own version of the popular “NAE-NAE” dance. Check out this video of him going in to the popular song “OG Bobby Johnson” by Que Twitter: @KidaTheGreat