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Jordan York – Pittsburgh Living

Two time pop artist of the year “Jordan York” brings Pittsburgh to life in his freshman Album “Pittsburgh Living”. Titled as an ode to the city that lives in his veins, tracks such as “Turnpike” and “Jagoff” are feel good anthems that speak volumes about the energy of the city. “Turners Tea” gives you the…

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Film Review: “Captain America: Civil War” by Blade Brown

Plot: Political interference in the Avengers’ activities causes a rift between former allies Captain America and Iron Man. Review: When Marvel Studios announced they were adapting the classic Civil War story-line, fanboys worldwide had a orgasm. While its not a direct adaptation (X-Men & Fantastic Four properties belong to other studios), it is loosely adapted…

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batman vs darth vader

Short Film: “BATMAN vs DARTH VADER Super Power Beat Down” By Aaron Schoenke

This is super old and I openly admit that I’m very late but this is so well done. It’s really an amazing short film, the acting, the plot, the twist at the end… The special effects and all of that is well done to me.. You think this should be a feature film? The fans…

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[ The Distribution ] CASTLE “Orientation”

Join us for a thrilling ride through the first day of work. Mild-mannered Castle, played by Castle, navigates through the world of demonic desk jobs. Feeling disoriented yet? We’ve got you covered. As Castle battles his skeleton-faced overlord, Mr. Money-Sacks Greenskull, he also fights an oppressive system. Castle fights for all of us, day in and day out. At some…

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