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Picking The Brain Podcast

Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 15

In episode 15 Sara, BMW & Iph discuss, Pogs, Gun Control, Slut Walks, & Pissing For Equality. They make their week 5 NFL Picks & review 2 new indie artists submissions. Intro Song: Ca$hflow “Imagine” Outro Song: Matthew Writes “PrimeTime” Review Song #1: Phranchize “Why, God” Review Song #2: Lua Proc ft Young Buck “Retarded”…

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cashflow harlem

Ca$hflow “Imagine” (prod by Remo TheHitmaker)

This track “IMAGINE” from the forthcoming Rich Thoughts Poor Habits project. I really like the message he relays in a ton of his music, even the short videos you catch on social media. Ca$hflow always seems to have something meaningful to say. Song is so dope we featured it on Ep 15 of the Picking…

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