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[ Mixtape ] Platini “Therapy”

As promised , Platini releases his 3rd project this year called “Therapy”. Here the artist delves deep into his past and tell his life story over beats. To keep the theme going , through out the mixtape “Mr. C” is Platini’s therapist asking him questions as to why he feels the way does. Take a…

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[ The Distribution ] Platini “FTW”

With a new mixtape (Therapy) dropping on June 1st , Platini leaks another cut that will not be featured on it entitled “FTW” . Here the artist let his emotions pour out with no filter.     Twitter @Platini_954 FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/Platini/144825725557587 beastxmusic.wordpress.com

[The Distribution] Platini “Charlotte’s Song” (Prod by Kelly Portis)

With two new projects on the way [“For The People” and “36”] Platini is still going hard dropping new exclusives. This time over production from Kelly Portis , Platini gives the mass motivation through the hard times. Follow: @Platini_954 Like: www.facebook.com/pages/Platini/144825725557587 Visit: beastxmusic.wordpress.com [PREVIOUS TRACKS] Soul Food Mortal Kombat “Caviar Wishes” “Started From The Bottom…

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[The Distribution] Platini “Sleeping In the Trap” Prd by True Meanz

Still building momentum for his next project , Platini teams up with producer True Means to deliver “Sleeping In The Trap” where the artist reflects on his hustling days. Twitter @Platini_954 and @TrueMeanz FB : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Platini/144825725557587 http://beastxmusic.wordpress.com/

[The Distribution] Platini “Started From The Bottom” (Freestyle)

“Platini drops off a new freestyle as he works on a new mixtape entitled “For The People” where the M.C.  rhymes over beats requested by his twitter and facebook followers.” TWITTER @Platini_954 FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Platini/144825725557587 Beastxmusic.wordpress.com

[The Distribution] Platini “Ghetto Boy”

After dropping 2 new freestyles this past week (“Started from the Bottom” and “All Beast Everything”) Platini is back with a new track for you to listen to called “Ghetto Boy”. Stay tuned though , more music to come! Twitter @Platini_954 FB Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Platini/144825725557587 beastxmusic.wordpress.com [PREVIOUS FREESTYLES] Started From The Bottom All Beast Everything

[EP] Platini “A Man Of Few Words”

As promised,Platini releases a new EP entitled “A Man of Few Words”. With production from the likes of Distinguished Chimps,2Deep,Professa and more,Platini takes us on a journey through the hardships in his life that made him the man he is today. As the old saying goes…he lets the music speak for itself. Twitter @Platini_954 More music @ Platini.bandcamp.com

[The Distribution] Platini ft. Sin and Mercy “Scary Movie” Prd. by Solidified

Platini is still on his grind with his latest EP “A Man Of Few Words” to be released onOct. 31st online for free. So to give a taste of whats to come , he leaks “Scary Movie” Prd. by Solidified ft Sin and Mercy. The title of the track is just what it is so be ready to listen to a scary movie! Twitter: @Platini_954 Music @ Platini.Bandcamp.com Videos @ YouTube.Com/Platini954…

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[Mixtape] Platini “Smoke Session”

Platini “Smoke Session”    To celebrate 4/20 , Platini has teamed up with Daily Chiefers to deliver new music that you can smoke to entitled“Smoke Session”. The EP takes us on a journey through his mind from the intro “Wake and Bake” all the way to the outro “Zone 420”.  “Riding Through…” Prd. by Astronote is the EP’s single , dedicated to his friend that…

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