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harriet tubman

Brain Food: “Harriet Tubman Will Be on US Currency, Oh Yay” by BMW

The news just broke that the legendary freedom fighter Harriet Tubman will be immortalized on the $20 bill per CNN.  I don’t want to take anything away from the Tubman family for them this is a great accomplishment and I’m glad that it is taking place. I just feel I need to share my views…

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Songwriting Tip Why You Still Should Register A Copyrighted Work

Brain Food: Songwriting Tip: Why You Still Should Register A “Copyrighted” Work by Justin M. Jacobson, Esq

While many creatives in the entertainment industry believe (and are partly correct) that a work is copyrighted as soon as it is fixed in a tangible medium it still pays, often literally, to formally register the work with the U.S. Copyright Office, particularly where legal issues are concerned. A common misconception in the entertainment industry…

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IAMPR Blog Brainofbmw

Marketing Myth #2: I Can Get A Record Deal By Spamming Records Execs Via Twitter

I’ve been working with a ton of different (when I mean working with I mean receiving email submissions, seeking out interviews etc) PR agencies for years but I AM PR has been one of the first to get us their clients cotent. We’ve showcased some videos that they (specifically Olivia) put out giving advice to…

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360 deals brainofbmw music

Lloyd Speaks On 360 Deals

I’m doing some research getting ready to put together a promo campaign for a new client & I hit youtube for one thing & after I saw that video this one was a suggested watch. Here R&B veteran Llyod speaks on 360 deals & gives some interesting points of view on them check it out….

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So Colorado, Washington, California, Oregon, Alaska & now DC are all places where you can posses & within some legal limits, grow, sell & smoke Marijuana legally. First and foremost I’m not a smoker, I have nothing against people who do smoke it just isn’t my thing. Over the years I’ve met a few people who actually…

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TurboTax Valentines Day

“TurboTax Ruined Valentine’s Day 2015” by BMW

If you haven’t heard by now according to many media sources 3rd Party Tax Preparer Turbo tax (owned by Intuit) just ruined Valentine’s Day weekend 2015. For many who have already filed their tax return & utlized TurboTax your returns are in danger. Check the details below. Up to 18 states are reporting significant upticks in…

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Nia Kwanzaa Brainofbmw

Kwanzaa: Day 5 Nia (Purpose)

Kwanzaa is a week-long celebration held & recognized throughout parts of the U.S., Africa as well as in other nations of the Americas. The celebration honors African heritage in African-American culture, and is observed from December 26 to January 1, culminating in a feast and gift-giving. Kwanzaa is based on seven core principles (Nguzo Saba)….

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songwriting brainofbmw

“Songwriting Tip: Your Best Bet for a #1 Song” by Ralph Murphy

Ralph Murphy, hit songwriter and expert, has been successful for five decades. He wrote huge hit songs such as Crystal Gayle’s “Talking in Your Sleep” and “Half the Way”. Consistently charting songs in an ever-changing musical environment makes him a member of that very small group of professionals who make a living ding what they…

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The FN Edge

“Do You Need a Manager?” by Fawn Nicole

I’m writing this as an attempt to dispel the myth of a manager especially in the role of managing an independent artist. I someone who didn’t understand in the beginning and have learned quite a bit along the way. I am a #NewLegend and firmly believe in paying it forward… so here goes nothing. A…

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Souncloud Inks Deal with Warner Music

Changes to come & how they affect you It’s official! Soundcloud has inked a game-changing licensing deal with one of the Big 3, Warner Music Group. Details pertaining to what this means for its nearly 200 million monthly users have been vague at best. What we DO know is that artists signed to Warner and…

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Karlie Hustle Brainofbmw Vlog Video

Karlie Hustle’s How to Quit Your Job Series: Step 4

Step 4 in the Karlie Hustle “How to Quit Your Job Series“ . Twitter: @thekarliehustle IG: @thekarliehustle Tumblr: karliehustle.tumblr.com Website: www.karliehustle.com

Karlie Hustle Brainofbmw Vlog Video

Karlie Hustle’s How to Quit Your Job Series: Step 3 Vlog

Step 3 in the Karlie Hustle “How to Quit Your Job Series”. Twitter: @thekarliehustle IG: @thekarliehustle Tumblr: karliehustle.tumblr.com Website: www.karliehustle.com

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