"Locally Respected Globally Connected"

B.O.M.D. “Still Go On” ft Kwab (prod. PrimeStars) 

“Still Go On” is a recent release from the B.O.M.D. team/squad/gang take your pick. They’ve been on my radar since I saw them rock at a local contest. I’ve been up and down about their music for a while but this song is dope. I love the delivery, the choice of beat & the hook….

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Recap & Poll: King Of The Burgh Champions by BMW

First of all I want to reiterate what DJ Afterthought said, everybody in the contest was a winner last night, they got to rock TWICE in front of great crowds (last night & at a previous show), they got a chance to gain new fans, network with other folks in the local scene, and sell…

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BOMB Squad Video Brainofbmw

B.O.M.D Squad “B.O.M.D” Remix

Check out the new music video for the “B.O.M.D” Remix from the B.O.M.D Squad (Miq Check, Mickey Flow, & Sqeeze) Twitter: @miqcheck618 @ep_squeese_b0e