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ave amen live from the gutter remix

Ave. Amen “Live From The Gutter” (Remix)

The homey Ave. Amen took on another Metro Boomin track that was featured on Drake and Future’s WATTBA project. Check out the “Live From The Gutter” remix. Purchase “Bloodline“ via iTunes today!Site: www.aveamen.com Music: www.soundcloud.com/AveAmen Twitter: @Ave_Amen Facebook: Facebook.com/TheRealAve.Amen YouTube: www.youtube.com/grind2thegrave

Ave. Amen Brainofbmw Music Video

Ave. Amen “Thinking Out Loud”

“Thinking Out Loud” is featured on Ave. Amen’s new project “The Ascension (A Keystone Story)” , available now for download. “Thinking Out Loud” is draped in the golden era sound, while still delivering a relevant message to the listener. Touching on topics such as materialism, religion, and knowledge, Thinking Out Loud is a track that…

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Picking The Brain Podcast

Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 20 Ft TK Kavi

In Episode 20 BMW, Sara & Iph sit down with artist & graphic designer TK Kavi, the group discusses the protests at the University of Missouri, the Starbucks Red Cup Drama, Sea-world changes, Quantico, Mike Tyson’s cartoon, Street credibility for hip hop artists in 2015. They also get in-depth with TK Kavi, discussing youth football game…

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ascension ave amen

Ave. Amen “The Ascension (A Keystone Story)”

The Ascension (A Keystone Story) is Ave. Amen’s second project release of the year. Loaded with 9 new songs, Ave uses “The Ascension” as a body of work to honestly reflect his growth and direction. Fellow cast members LV and Antonia both make guest appearances on, and bring a fresh element to the project ….

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Picking The Brain Podcast

Podcast: Picking The Brain Ep 14 ft Broadway

In Episode 14 the gang is back together! Sara, Ashante, BMW & Iph make their Week 4 NFL Picks, discuss AstroTurf fires, the Pittsburgh Steelers, Recap #PGHOnTheRise2, they play a quick game of “Name that Celebrity Quote“, BMW gives you a “Top 5 things Men Shouldn’t Do” list. debate the top 3 Iced Teas, 2…

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Ave. Amen “Be Your Dream”

“Be Your Dream” is the lead single off of Ave. Amen’s upcoming Mixtape titled “The Ascension” , dropping on October 13th 2015. “Be Your Dream” is a hook heavy track that harnesses the energy around the current amount of police brutality cases that have been exposed in the past year , and then lends itself…

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Ave Amen “Bloodline”

As Ave. Amen is getting ready to drop “DIRECTIONS 2 NOWHERE” The EP , he releases this iTunes exclusive “Bloodline” as a promotional single for his upcoming body of work, set to release winter of 2015 .“Bloodline“ shows another side of Ave. Amen’s many styles with this new energetic release produced by Tony Fadd. Purchase “Bloodline“…

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Ave. Amen “Love Me”

This new visual from Ave. Amen titled “Love Me” is featured on his new mixtape INTERIM which dropped in late May of 2015 on all major hosting sites. “Love Me” was shot in a remote trail just outside of Penn State University, and offers a serene setting for the viewer to enjoy. In addition to…

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Ave.Amen Brainofbmw Music Video

Ave.Amen “BA$iC”

“BA$iC” is another single leading up to Ave. Amen’s upcoming summer release of “Directions 2 NoWhere“.”BA$iC” the video was shot in Staten Island and State College . Shot and edited by Grind 2 The Grave (G2G) . Site: www.aveamen.com Music: www.soundcloud.com/AveAmen Twitter: @Ave_Amen Facebook: www.facebook.com/AveAmen501 YouTube: www.youtube.com/grind2thegrave

Waiting brainofbmw music

Ave. Amen “Waiting” (prod by by Dope Orchestra)

“Waiting” is a drum and bass driven track in which Ave. uses as an opportunity to express his stance in hip hop. Produced by Dope Orchestra , “Waiting” is released as a single only, and available for download exclusively from Soundcloud & AveAmen.com. Site: www.aveamen.com Music: www.soundcloud.com/AveAmen Twitter: @Ave_Amen Facebook: www.facebook.com/AveAmen501 YouTube: www.youtube.com/grind2thegrave

8 bit ghost ave amen brainofbmw

Ave. Amen “8 Bit Ghost” (prod by Johnny Juliano)

“8 Bit Ghost” is a Halloween 2014 exclusive release from Ave. Amen. Produced by Johnny Juliano , “8 Bit Ghost” has a eerie melody that is reminiscent of a old Mario Bros. hunted house, along with the signature JJ bass . Ave. Amen uses this canvas to take shots at the idea of “major label” superiority…

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AveAmen Brainofbmw Music

Ave. Amen “Not Like You Are”

Ave is getting ready to release a new EP late this summer titled “Directions 2 NoWhere” and while the project is getting close to finished , Ave. drops “Not Like You” as an appetizer. Produced by Ric And Thadeus , and recorded in ASR Digital Studio. Purchase “Not Like You Are” Site: www.aveamen.com Music: www.soundcloud.com/AveAmen Twitter: @Ave_Amen Facebook: www.facebook.com/AveAmen501…

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