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[ The Distribution ] Audimatic (The Audible Doctor & maticulous) ft yU of Diamond District “Sunsets”

Audible Doctor & maticulous team up once again as Audimatic with help from yU of Diamond District. Sunsets is the lead single off of maticulous’ new project Mello 2 available on Bandcamp. March 11.   Twitter: @maticulous21 Site: http://maticulousmusic.blogspot.com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/maticulousmusic

[The Distribution] Audimatic (Audible Doctor & maticulous) “Monster”

The Audible Doctor & maticulous team up again as Audimatic for their new track “Monster”. The duo are working on a new single but for now enjoy the free offering. Audible Doctor on the raps maticulous on the beats. www.audibledoctor.com www.audibledoctor.com/blog www.twitter.com/@audibledoctor brownbagallstars.com