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[ Video ] Go Wit It Mondays: We Here Now (Cypher #16)

We Here Now. The Slip keeps goin in on every cypher. This is sweet 16 that features souful singing from Eben, raw energy from Lil Won, real spill from Apollo, and wordplay from Swateezy. #TheSlip Follow: @MyNameIs_Eben, @lilwon, @Apollo_Muzik, @Swateezy, @supreme_1st, @TheSlipRecords Visit: www.thesliprecords.com

[ Video ] Go Wit It Mondays: Whew (Cypher #15)

We gettin it, a brand new cypher every Monday. This week’s has Lil Won, KJ, Apollo, and Swateezy. Please excuse the wind. #TheSlip. Lil Won (@lilwon), KJ (@KJADAMZBOYZ), Apollo (@Apollo_Muzik), Swateezy (@Swateezy), DJ B-Flex (@Dj_BFlex), The Slip Records (@TheSlipRecords

[ Video ] Go Wit It Mondays: We Warriors, Yall Worriers (Cypher #11)

D’Money Tha King (@TheSlipDMoney), Ms Diamond Diva (@BadBitch_DiVa), Swateezy (@Swateezy), Apollo (@Apollo_Muzik), JClay (@JClay_1st), Lil Era (@EveryRhymeAmaze), The Slip Records (@TheSlipRecords), www.thesliprecords.com/

[ Video ] Go Wit It Mondays: Bang Bang (Cypher #10)

Today’s cypher features Swateezy, Apollo, and Ms Diamond Diva. Week 10. We just keep comin. We Here Now Swateezy (@Swateezy), Apollo (@Apollo_Muzik), Ms Diamond Diva (@BadBitch_DiVa), The Slip Records (@TheSlipRecords   www.thesliprecords.com