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[ The Distribution ] Alpha Male Society (AMSoc) “2-3 Zone” ft King Mez (Prod by Leland Jones)

Listen to “2-3 Zone” from Alpha Male Society (AMSoc) featuring King Mez and production from Leland Jones Formed in 2011, Alpha Male Society (AMSOC) is a North Carolina-based coalition of five wit-driven emcees who have come together to create a hip-hop juggernaut. With each individual wordsmith having their own unique style, the group has been…

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[The Distribution] AMSoc “AontheFitted” feat Thee Tom Hardy

The Alpha Male Society (AMSoc) brand is rapidly becoming synonymous with two things: Outstanding NC hip hop, and the many variations of “A” fitted caps used to rep the team during stage performances. With the first single from their upcoming May 20th release “Background Check 2”, AMSoc members, Diablo Archer, H2OKZ, and Mallz enlist the…

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