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[Album] Doza “BUDGET CUTS” EP

Los Angeles native, song writer, producer, and lyricist, Doza, is set to release his debut EP, “Budget Cuts” on March 19th 2013. A five track EP drawing on his own influences and experiences, Budget Cuts encompasses slabs of laid back, west coast G-funk, layered with cutting clever lyrics, all laced with a party groove bassline….

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[Mixtape] Rahiem Supreme “Swag Genie” EP

The long wait its over and the anticipation ends! The collaboration project, hosted by TRE’ BANKS, from RAHIEM SUPREME and producer CRANK is here! We receive 5 tracks along with screwed and chopped versions of each song to rock to! With the combination of Rahiem Supreme’s lyrical talents over Crank’s distinctive sound we have something…

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[Mixtape] Barak The Rapper “Barak The Rapper EP”

Listen to the new EP from Barak The Rapper! www.baraktherapper.com www.twitter.com/@baraktherapper www.facebook.com/baraktherapper


[Mixtape] Messy Beatz “Donkey Kong Project”

Listen to Messy Beatz new mixtape “Donkey Kong Project”   Website: www.messybeatz.com Email: messybeatz@gmail.com Twitter: www.twitter.com/@MessyBeatz YouTube: www.youtube.com/MessyBeatzTV

[Album] S.Keen “This Is My Intro”

Everybody says they want to be different, change the game, or break the mold of the normal. Sdotkeen even used these words when explaining his style not realizing he sounded similar to artists that were out there. With Sdotkeen’s third project “This is my Intro”, he truly flipped the script. Not using any samples or…

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[Album] Varyus Waise “Little Brother Syndrome”

Little Brother Syndrome, Varyus Waise’s debut project name is inspired by two distinct themes close to his heart. The album is about his ambition to grow as an artist, seeing himself as a “newbie.” He wanted to make sure he gave the listener a real album, unlike many fly by night artist who litter the…

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[Mixtape] Patrick “P.A.T.” Barnett – Where The Sidewalk Ends

PATRICK P.A.T. BARNETT has finally made the transition from mixtape slots to now completing his own mixtape. Hosted by DJ King Flow from France, DJ Wats from the Bronx; who many know as the first DJ to put Kanye West on a mixtape, and DJ Kushgod; Cali’s most popular up and coming DJ. With several…

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[Album] DarkoTheSuper & Khryo – That Real Live Shit

‘That Real Live Shit’ is a collaborative album from emcee DarkoTheSuper and French producer Khryo. It’s filled with abstract sample based beats and intriguing rhymes. With its title coming from the late great J Dilla’s ‘Ruff Draft’ Intro. ‘That Real Live Shit’ lives up to its name and doesn’t disappoint.   www.facebook.com/DarkoTheSuper @BigSouz darkothesuper.tumblr.com soundcloud.com/darkothesuper…

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[Album] Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker are The Last Line Of Defence

Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker present you the full “The Last Line Of Defence” project by Apaulo Treed & Knightstalker! The California resident Apaulo Treed and overseas rapper Knightstalker from Berlin/Germany combined forces to record a global-minded album that goes along with a militant theme inspired by the ongoing worldwide economical crisis! Inbetween those politically-themed songs like…

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[EP] MC Bravado and C-Nature “Dope Perspective”

MC Bravado’s latest project “Dope Perspective”, is a joint EP with fellow Cypher Junkies member “C-Nature”, and is available as a 9 song free download viaMCBravado.Bandcamp.com . The project offers a style clash in terms of production, flow, delivery, and lyricism, yet their camaraderie as longtime crew members is evident through seamless chemistry from track to…

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[Free EP] Shaun Esko “Welcome 2 iLLantis” (Deluxe Edition)

  This is a special project composed of some of Shaun Esko’s classic works. It is also so the listeners can see where he came from & where he’s headed. The regular edition released about a year and a half ago even then most of the music on there was already a bit old. We…

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[Album] The French Touch Connection “Night Walk in the Past”

Album The French Touch Connection “Night Walk in the Past” Listen to “Night Walk in the Past” the new album from The French Touch Connection.

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