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Consistency, dedication and determination are what to expect from Calico Jonez of Swishgang. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, his new single “Leaving This Club” featuring Hip Hop veteran Snoop Dogg and newcomer David Gray is produced by The Nominees and is set to impress. This track illustrates finding love in the club and treating your lady to the finer things.
“Ghetto, music was our way out, listening to your favorite song could put you in a better mood in a bad time.” states Calico Jonez Calico Jonez began freestyle rapping as a hobby and dropped numerous mixtapes. His ambition led him to working amongst many legends and major artists in the industry. Jonez has recently been featured on Soulja Boy’s Stacks on Deck album and has released numerous solo mixtapes. Through all his many accomplishments Jonez expresses that he is major without the majors, independently touring different markets, landing videos on MTV and obtaining radio airplay.

S.W.I.S.H stands for successful, wise, independent and staying humble. The whole movement is dedicated to the minority, for every individual who was told they could not make it, to those with shattered dreams and the less fortunate. Calico strongly stresses in his movement that you do not have to be a drug dealer or a rapper to become successful. Jonez believes in following your dreams and standing up for what you believe in. The “SWISHGANG” movement originates from the “SWISH” adlib often heard in Jonez’s songs. Swishgang use “swish” as a figure of expression, which can mean “i agree”, “hello” or just simply “swish”. David Gray is a R&B & Pop singer/songwriter from Mount Vernon, New York and the most recent signee to SWISHGANG.
“Not everyone has to go through some of the same struggles that I had to, which is why I tell stories of the streets to the street but also so people that did not come from where I’m from can understand my experiences” remarks Jonez.

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M.Anderson • May 16, 2016

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