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[ Song Review ] Kaitlen Howard “You Look Good”

kaitlen howard brainofbmw You ever see those random YouTube comments that say “So & So brought me here”? Like someone tweets a link & you end up watching it because they tweeted it? Well for this one legendary Hip Hop Videographer Choke NO Joke brought me here. I just followed him on IG (Good look on approving the request Choke!) & I was scrolling through to see any exclusive footage he might have posted (some call it stalking, fine whatever works for you). I came across a beautiful young lady & he posted as his #WCW (Women Crush Wednesday). 20140517-225406.jpg The caption mentioned that she was his artist & he tagged her. So I continued on my “stalking” mission and go check out her IG (@kaitlenhoward) account. The most recent post was about a week old & it was a sample of her new single “You Look Good“. The bit that I heard, I loved enough to swing over to her soundcloud.com page(You know how much I love Soundcloud lol). The song was dope enough for me to go the extra mile & listen to the entire thing & now I’m sharing it with you! From what gather this is the first single from her up & coming album “Love Speaker” set to release 4th of July 2014. If  “You Look Good” is any indication of what the album will sound like I CAN’T WAIT! Anyway enjoy! Thank me later! As far as my thoughts on “You Look Good“, I’ve listened about 10 times & I can’t quite put my finger on it but she reminds me of someone. The tone, the sound of her voice is familiar, off the top of my head I’ll say Ashanti. I’m not saying they are similar artists, I’m saying the sound of her voice reminds me of younger Ashanti. The song itself is solid from the start. I love the beat, it has a very smooth vibe. I THINK I hear a bit of “Tune” aka auto tune, which seems to be the norm in R&B now but its not overbearing. So, I can tolerate it for sure. This song makes me want to two step in my kitchen with my wife. It givess me that really romantic vibe, not so much from the lyrics but more so the melody, the beat & just the overall vibe of the song being so positive. This song is exactly what a lead single is supposed to be! Because even after listening now 11 times I can’t wait to hear the album! Overall I give this a 8/10 gotta dock 2 points for the “tune” call it hate if you want LOL! Not sure how this turned from me introducing this song and artist  to the brainofbmw.com fans into a song review but I’m glad it happened! ‘I’m going to reach out to her & her team & hopefully we can get an interview, even if that doesn’t happen be on the look out for her album “Love Speaker” sure to be something EVERYONE can groove to at the Independence Day Cook outs. One last note! I’m S-I-C-K I can’t download this song! Gotta make sure I contact her team to get this mp3 or atleast an iTunes link its worth the purchase for sure! Facebook: www.facebook.com/kaitlen.a.howard Twitter: @kaitlenhoward YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/TheKaitlenhoward

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brandonw • May 17, 2014

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