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[Event] Smash Mouth Poetry Slam

This event requires some explanation.  It all started when Seez Mics gave me a call a few months back and asked if I had any connections for shows in Pittsburgh on October 19th.  Instead of throwing a show we decided we wanted to do something chill at Blasfome.  Weeks went by and we were struggling to come up with good ideas for the event when some one said “Well if worse come to worse we’ll sit around and talk shit about football.”

Inspiration can come from the craziest places.  That one sentence spawned “The Smash Mouth Poetry Slam.  Dos Noun and Seez Mics are squaring up in for what promises to rival any Friday Night Lights High School football grudge match.  The two emcees will go toe to toe on who’s favorite football team is better or worse.  Dos will be representing the hometown Steelers while Seez hailing for the D.C. area will be representing the Washington Redskins.

Come watch the two duke it out for their teams honor:

Friday October 19, 2012
Kick off is 8:00 pm sharp
at Blasfome
1923 East Carson St
Pittsburgh, PA 15203
Admission is free.

For more details info@blasfome.com or call 412.475.9591

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brandonw • October 7, 2012

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