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Shilpa Narayan “Baby Go Home”

Brainiacs!!! Check out Shilpa’s new video for “Baby Go Home” off her upcoming EP! I’ve been coming across a ton of really great R&B this song/video just keeps the run rolling. I really like this song, really on the fence about purchasing it honestly. The plan is to let it spin a few more times & then make the call. The reccomendation is that you don’t wait. “Baby Go Home” has a great vibe & feel that I can’t compare to any other song. Love the old school look of the video, don’t ask me what era this is 30s, 40s, 50s whatever its dope! Ha! Looking forward to Shilpa’s new EP for sure.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/ShilpaNarayanMusic
Twitter: @Shilpa_Narayan
Website: shilpanarayan.com/

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brandonw • December 7, 2014

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