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Transformers Film Review

[ Review ] “Transformers: Age Of Extinction” By Blade Brown

Transformers Film Review
Plot- A mechanic and his family join the Autobots as they are targeted by a bounty hunter from another world.

Review- In 2011, “Transformers: Dark of The Moon“, which was allegedly the final film in the planned trilogy was released to massive success. Well money must indeed talk. Because four years later, the Autobots are back for another adventure.
With an entirely different cast of human characters, Age of Extinction starts off very intriguing. After the Chicago battle from the last movie, the government has decided even the Autobots are a threat to humanity. They have been systematically hunting all Transformers, Autobots & Decepticons in a attempt to “Take The Planet Back” from the machines.
At the center of it all, is Mark Wahlberg’s Cade. A struggling inventor who stumbles upon a injured Optimus Prime. After being caught in the government’s cross hairs, he joins the Autobots to aid them in their fight. To make matters worse, Optimus is being hunted by an Alien Bounty Hunter named Lockdown, who is relentless in his pursuit for the leader of the Autobots.
The movie actually starts off very strong. It has a solid plot & of course the effects are top notch. But somewhere during the midway point(the movie itself is 2hrs 46mins) things go wrong. The main plot turns into a subplot, then back to the main plot. They introduce Galvatron, who is a force to be reckoned with, only to have him fade to the shadows. Which is really a shame, because set aside the Dino bots, he is the high point of the movie. From the way he comes to be, to the way he transforms, he is the gem of this movie. And unfortunately, they wasted an opportunity to capitalize on that. The new cast of characters aren’t nearly as fun as the previous. Mark Wahlberg’s style is more hardcore. He’s likeable, but he seems to be forcing himself into this PG-13 style of action movie. Whereas Shia LaBeouf could play Sam almost effortlessly and carry the film. Stanley Tucci is pretty good in his role, which is essentially the new John Turturro. But the rest of the cast doesn’t keep your interest enough to even care if they live or die. Kelsey Grammar isn’t bad in the film, but I still see Fraizer when I see him. So believing he’s a military man wasn’t working. But, that’s just me.
The Dino Bots, who are marketed as a major piece of the film only pop up in its last 30 minutes. And if you missed it earlier in the review, the film is 166 minutes long! So if you’re going just to see Grimlock, you will be waiting a while. Possibly disappointed too, especially when the screen time has passed and they don’t even say a word. But they sure do look cool on film!

    The Bottom Line-

-While its not a bad film, “Age of Extinction” isn’t really a good one either. Bad jokes, bad editing and a uneven script ruin what should’ve been the treat of the summer. With a hint at the franchise’s future(Fingers crossed for Unicron), maybe things will get back on track. But this is the first time in a Transformers movie that I left feeling underwhelmed. The film can be summed up in one single word: “Meh“.

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"Transformers: Age Of Extinction"Blade BrownFilm ReviewMovieReview

brandonw • July 1, 2014

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