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Klassik “Summer” EP

Summer” is the new EP from up & coming artist Klassik. The “Summer” EP is the third of four EP releases in Klassik’s SEASONS series. This 3 track project is solid,  the “chill” vibe to “Stageslayer”  is very enjoyable along with the R&B vocals & Klassik’s delivery blended together all work well over this production. Two words “instant download”….. There are a few times where his cadence & delivery remind of Big Sean but it doesn’t sound or feel like he is trying to be Sean. I also might feel that way because I’ve been listening to Big Sean’s new album a TON recently. “Never Belong” is money, it continues the feel of the previous track but doesn’t have that “Oh this again” type of feel. “Fucks With Us” is a song I want to see performed live with a band… This is one of those songs you really appreciate more once it’s performed live WELL. Klassik has a new fan, after letting this “Summer” EP spin a few times I’m going to go back & check out the other installments to his Seasons series.

Don’t miss the “Winter” & “Spring” EPs from Klassik.
Website: ww.iamklassik.com
Bandcamp: klassik1.bandcamp.com
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/klassik89
Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamklassik
Instagram: @iamklassik

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brandonw • April 5, 2015

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