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Review: A$AP ROCKY “A.L.L.A.”(At.Long.Last.A$AP) by Blade Brown

Artist: A$AP Rocky
Album: “A.L.L.A.”(At.Long.Last.A$AP)

After a two year absence, A$AP Rocky returns to the scene with his new album “A.L.L.A.”(At.Long.Last.A$AP). The album is the follow up to the critically acclaimed “Long.Live.ASAP“.

A$AP Rocky is a unique MC. While mostly praised by critics, he gets criticized the most from fans who feels that the Harlem rapper doesn’t have a New York sound. While I personally don’t think New York has had a sound for quite some time, you can’t argue that Rocky’s sound is more southern based. After all, he’s on record saying that UGK & Three Six Mafia(Juicy J executive produced “A.L.L.A.”) are some of his main influences. The album’s cover pays tribute to his friend YAMS, who died in January 2015 of acute mixed drug intoxication.

The album’s lead single, “Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2” is 2 minutes and 9 seconds of raw energy. A far cry from the explicit, yet somehow still commercial single “F*ckin’ Problems” off of his debut album. The album’s newest single, “Everyday” features Rod Stewart, Miguel and Mark Robson. On paper, it sounds like it would be a reach for a radio. On the contrary, it turns out to be one of the best cuts on the album. With its infectious chorus and distinct beat, the song is sure to pick up steam in the streets as well as the charts. “Electric Body“, which is probably my favorite song on the album, features frequent collaborator Schoolboy Q, and is sure to be your favorite stripper’s anthem this summer.

Wavybone” features UGK(RIP Pimp C) & Juicy J and is the type of banger you might expect to hear when all parties involved collide. Pop singer Rita Ora catches a few harsh lines on the song “Better Things“. Future and M.I.A lend their talents to “Fine Whine“, while Lil Wayne throws shade at Cash Money on “M’$“. Bangers like “Canal St.” “Jukebox Joints” and “Max B” help make this album almost playable in its entirety. The only song I can’t fathom is the album’s second single “L$D“. Maybe I need to be high when I listen to it, but this song is just not my cup of tea.

On the whole, A$AP has crafted a stellar body of work that is a giant step forward from his last album. And that’s saying something, as his debut was one of the better albums of 2013. “A.L.L.A.” is yet another great rap album this year. If future projects this year sound even half as good as this album, we’re in for a memorable year in Hip-Hop.


Top 5 Songs:
“Electric Body”
“Canal St.”
Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye 2
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brandonw • May 29, 2015

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