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Velvet Heat Show Brainofbmw

Recap: Velvet Heat Live @ The Thunderbird Cafe by BMW

Velvet Heat Show Brainofbmw

Velvet Heat changed my life…… Ok maybe that’s a bit extreme, however, I can confirm that this duo is as amazing on a track as they are live. Last night I had the honor of experiencing them perform live at the Thunderbird cafe & I can say I was very impressed. For a good 35-45 minutes I was enthralled by the musical magic of Jessica Zamiska and guitarist Arianna Powell. I don’t want to limit what Arianna does by labeling her JUST a guitarist because to me she is more of a maestro. It appeared to me that she was keeping the band on point throughout the night in between the fantastic displays guitar wizardry.. To steal a phrase from Jack Black (School Of Rock) she provided more than one “face melting guitar solo”….

The Heated Velvetness, haha while they did rock a few songs from their recently released EP “Circles”. They did a very smooth sexy cover of Sam Smith’s “I’m Not the Only One” & also rocked the crowd with a cover of Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass“. The funniest thing happened when they started to perform “All About That Bass“. The Thunderbird stage area is  rather cozy & intimate setting so while there weren’t a ton of people there the room was fairly packed & as soon as they started playing about 7 people cleared the front of the stage area. Think of being at a nightclub & the DJ goes from playing the #1 dance song on radio right now to playing Jagged Edge’s “Let’s Get Married” remix. Still a great song that many love it just has a more specific audience. Don’t get me wrong there wasn’t a mass exodus just more of a “changing of the fan“. As soon as the front cleared it filled up again with more younger souls who were willing to give a bit more energy back to the band in the form of dance. It was great to see folks younger than myself enjoying live music regardless but  that part was mildly hilarious.

Its challenging to express enough how amazing these two are. For those who follow basketball I’d consider them Shaq & Kobe before the championships, where they display amazing skill & flashes of brilliance it’ll just take time to get it all together. Sign me up to go along for the ride! Oh before its escapes my mind, not only was Arianna amazing but the Bass guitar player Ben or Benny? He was amazing as well! Actually the entire band that supported Velvet Heat was amazing, the drummer, the bass guitar player & the guy on keys, all amazing. At the next show it would be awesome to maybe see just Jessica & Arianna in maybe an acoustic setting. Not sure exactly, but a mixture of the small venue & the sound levels didn’t offer much to display Jessica’s vocal talent. She had some amazing moments were she really showed off her ability to sing I just want more.

 Velvet Heat Brainofbmw

So by now you are wondering why I haven’t talked about the opening acts… well I missed 98% of those performances…. I know, I know terrible. So make sure you check out Chelsey Nicole & The Northside Vamps. I missed their entire set but I did hit their FB Fan page & I found some really great stuff there. SO >>> www.facebook.com/chelseynicoleandthenorthsidevamps. I did catch the tail end of Crystal Lee’s set not enough to really even tell you much about it other than my wife really liked her shiny boots. Also really enjoyed the smooth vibe she offered while on stage. Watching people perform & seeing them interact with the crowd & have fun is such an awesome thing to me. Catching Crystal live again is on my “Mandatory To Do List” for 2015 but for now enjoy “Better Days” a song she recently released.

Overall last night was a great deal of fun. Easily the best $10 I’ve spent in a very long time. I strongly suggest you check out Velvet Heat. Rami Bensasi who actually brought VH to my attention was there that night & its possible that another show might in the works. With that in mind make sure you check back here or follow @HolaRamito @Velvetheat, @Brainofbmw & @bmw_Imchillin on twitter for updates on more events.

More video can be found @ www.youtube.com/brainofbmw

Purchase Velvet Heat’s new EP “Circles” via Itunes.
Website: velvetheat.com
Twitter: @VelvetHeat
Facebook: facebook.com/VelvetHeat

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brandonw • January 3, 2015

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