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Recap: Joey Fattz “Bazooka Joe 1.5” Release Party

Last night was dope and that about sums it up. But I’m glad to elaborate. We were gathered at The Rex Theater to celebrate the release of Joey Fattz’s album “Bazooka Joe 1.5“. The event was hosted by WAMO 100’s Mike Jax with assistance from DJ ADizzy. The show opened with a performance by Tanni B, followed by Brandon Cavey, Fly Guy and Pretty Krissy, Woozy and the BBG BOYS, Scoot Hix, Statement Records, The 58s, Grimey Click and of course the man of the evening Joey Fattz closed out the show.

Some of the highlights of the night include Fly Guy and Pretty Krissy flipping Meek Mill’s Intro, Statement Records making a serious statement with the second half of their performance, BWhite & Mayo performing “Hardwood Classic” and Joey Fattz speaking a great deal of truth. He took the time to show love to the sponsors & vendors My Sounds Wireless and PGHMade Clothing, and how it’s beyond imperative that we as Pittsburghers continue to support our own. Not just the artists but the businesses as well. We can attain individual success through a serious work ethic but for the region to grow we need to support each other. That said I did not buy a Joey Fattz CD but I did grab a hat from PGH Made. So Joey I have $10 for you let’s make that happen. I enjoy & appericate the emphasis he made on saying then showing & proving that he has Bars. The songs that stood out the most from his performance were “Mess with Joe” (I’m assuming that’s what it’s called),and song he & Franchise performed. Both are worth purchasing & playing several times in a row.

One of the rather cool components of the night was DJ Chevy of Square 1 Radio broadcasting live from the event. Anytime Chevy is in the building his filter is in the car, he had some solid opinions to share with his listeners, party goers & artists. Right next to his table was the My Sounds Wireless Photo booth, that was an extremely great idea & a unique thing to add to the show. It was great to see DJ No Intro, Brenna of Pgh Heat Hip Hop Dance Studio, Joanna of Rep Pgh Hip Hop, 700, DJ Aftherthought, Mista Scrap, Franchise (The Come Up) Folkland, my brother Real Deal & many others who were literally there just to support as fans.  Mike Jax & DJ ADizzy kept the crowd informed & moving, there were some very powerful performances last night I got my money’s worth. I love seeing the progress up & coming artists make from album to album & performance to performance many who hit the stage showed progress.

After last night I’m looking forward to listening to Joey Fattz album. I need to get my hands on a few Statement Records songs “Sayin Something Without Sayin Nothin“, & “I Got Game“, as well as “PGH” from Scoot Hix, Woozy “Get It In“, & Grimey Click “100 Proof“…. So when you read this feel free to comment the Itunes links.

Finally I’m looking forward to seeing more artist performing & not singing Karaoke, that means stop rapping over your lyrics! Everytime there is a hip hop event at the Rex we are reminded of how the sound there isn’t great. That being said you need to lower or mute your verses  & basically take your song & create a live version. Some of you artists might have a loyal fan base in your corner of the city but when you come out don’t assume we all know your songs. DJ Chevy said it best last night “Don’t rap over your lyrics and take the time to teach the crowd the hook so they can sing it along with you” … That wasn’t for everyone but it needs to be said. As a fan & cash paying supporter I want to be entertained by each performance even if I’m not already familiar with the artist or the music. That is very possible I’ve come to learn haha.. Anyway I’m done ranting.

Another dope event at The Rex, glad most importantly that it all went down without any drama… Looking forward to more of those sort of evenings… Video footage will be on www.youtube.com/brainofbmw once I’m done slacking.  I will see you all Feb 27 at King Of The Burgh 3!

Quick observations from last night:

  • It was really cool seeing so many people I know from living on the North Side.
  • Such a beautiful evening when a 14-15 year old kid can rock the crowd & 30 minutes later someone tell me they had to take their mom home she was sleep at the bar!
  • As divided as the city seems to be last night confirmed that respect & dope music can cross more bridges than we as people are willing to.
  • I’m pretty sure Affion Crockett was there dressed as Joe Budden but on a really strict “I can’t consume anything but water” diet.
  • There were maybe 1,000 people there with Grimey Click shirts on I feel left out….
  • No diss to Woozy of BBG Boyz but when I first heard the name I thought Scrotchin’ Hot Woozy was performing…. I’m still upset
  • That Fam4Life performance was dope, Fly Guy really had the lights out & everything! Salute!
  • Yung Rellz is the future BET THAT
  • Mike Doty (A Fine Line Painting) is one of the coolest people you’ll ever met.

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brandonw • January 17, 2015

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