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Fast Furious Movie Rankings Blade Brown brainofbmw

Ranking The Fast and Furious Movies By Blade Brown

Fast Furious Movie Rankings Blade Brown brainofbmw

Furious 7 is a box office hit. It set opening records for highest weekend debut for the month of April with an estimated $146 million. What’s more impressive, its global haul after one weekend is already at $384 million! This put its on the fast track to be the first movie of 2015 to make one billion dollars worldwide. Given its massive success, there is no time like the present to rank the order of the movies from worst to best.

7. 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)
Looking back, this is without a doubt the weakest link in the series. While financially successful, the film lacked everything that made the original entertaining. There were even talks of straight to DVD films after this movie’s debut. Yeah, it was that bad.

6.Fast & Furious(2009)
The return of the original cast brought the hype surrounding the fourth film in the franchise. After a cameo in Tokyo Drift, Vin Diesel returns in this film that returned the series back into box office gold. But other than a few scenes, this movie was rather tame. A necessary film tho, as the ending would set up a sequel for the best movie in the series.

5. The Fast and The Furious(2001)
The film that started it all. No one could’ve predicted a relatively small budget movie about street racing would blossom into one of the most successful franchises in history. While the film looks a bit dated now, its still a fun movie. Especially to look back at how far the actors have since grown.

4. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift(2006)
Believe it or not, this movie is actually the one that revived the franchise. While its the lowest grossing movie in the series, it still breathed fresh air into the series. While the main characters are honestly boring, this movie did introduce us to Han(Sung Kang) and was the first for screenwriter Chris Morgan. Who has gone on to write every movie since. Plus, how many of us have wanted to “Drift” since seeing this movie?

3. Furious 7(2015)
The tribute to the late Paul Walker is enough to bring someone to tears. Knowing the story of his death and how the crew rallied to finish the movie in his honor is beyond commendable. This was a pure popcorn flick, but will always be remembered for the last 5 minutes.

2.Furious 6(2013)
While the Super Bowl trailer pretty much gave the movie away, there is no denying that this movie was one of the best of the summer. Upping the action and bringing back a beloved character, Furious 6 was a thrill ride that left us craving more.

1. Fast Five(2011)

Without a doubt, this is the best movie of the franchise. Bringing back several characters from each movie, and adding Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to the mix was a game changer. Changing the tone to a heist movie and having one of the wildest finales imaginable not only made this a fan favorite, but even a critical one. Plus, the showdown between The Rock and Vin Diesel was worth the price of admission alone.

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