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TI No Mercy Album Brainofbmw

Ranking The Albums of T.I. by Blade Brown

Ranking The Albums of T.I. by Blade Brown

With his upcoming 9th studio album “Paperwork: The Motion Picture” set to be released on Tues, it’s almost mind-blowing to think that T.I. has been around since 2001. With 13 years in the game, the King Of The South has a catalog that is undeniable to any true fan of music. So we’ve decided to rank his albums in order of their greatness.

TI No Mercy Album Brainofbmw

9. “No Mercy
TIP had a lot on his plate during the release of this record. With another prison stint looming, T.I. had to reconstruct the concept of the album almost overnight(was previously to be called KING Uncaged). Feeling rushed and incomplete, this is a record that TIP himself wishes he could do over. But in its defense, “Welcome To The World is a BANGER.

Ti Im Serious Album Brainofbmw

8. “I’m Serious
T.I.’s debut album didn’t make much of an impact when it came out. In fact, most people thought his second album Trap Muzik was his debut. While the album is very well-balanced, it sounds like he was still finding his groove musically. Lucky for us, he didn’t throw in the towel. As his next album would change the game.

T.I.vs T.I.P. Brainofbmw Music

7. “T.I. vs TIP
Based off of a song from Trap Muzik, this is a concept album that gives you a look into the mindset of Clifford Harris, Jr. Coming off the success of the critically acclaimed album KING, this album was met with mixed reviews, which I always found troubling. While not his best work, the album is solid. Divided into three sections: TIP/T.I./T.I.vsTIP, the album has more highs than lows. The TIP section is flawless. Plus, this album features the long-awaited Jay Z/T.I. collaboration. And it didn’t let us down.

TI Paperwork Album Brainofbmw Music

6. “Paperwork: The Motion Picture
The subtitle “Motion Picture” fits this album well. The production on the album has a stadium feel to it. Some tracks sound like they could be backdrops to your favorite movies. Executive Produced by Pharrel Williams, the feature heavy album is a good entry in The King’s catalog, but it pales in comparison to his best efforts. Look for “Light Em Up“, an ode to his slain artist Doe B as a standout.

TI King Album Brainofbmw Music

5. “King“.
This is the album that made T.I. a household name. I dare you to put on “What You Know” and not start bouncing immediately. The album is full of classic cuts like “Why You Wanna”, “Ride Wit Me” “Top Back” & “I’m Talkin’ To You”. Easily his most rounded album, TIP pleased the streets and the radio with this album. And he got one of the first verses from the recently freed Pimp C on the UGK assisted “Front Back”. Rest Easy Pimp.

TI Trouble Man Album Brainofbmw Music


4. “Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head
This was a very critical point in T.I.’s career. Coming after a second prison sentence and an album full of material beneath his talents, the King had to deliver something special. Deliver he did. From its opening Marvin Gaye sampled introduction, T.I. unloaded gem after gem on this incredible album. “Sorry” featuring the great Andre 3000 is six minutes of awesomeness. The King silenced any naysayers he may have had with this release.

Ti Paper Trail Album Brainofbmw Music

3. “Paper Trail
This is TIP’s most successful album to date. At one point having the #1 & #2 singles in the country(Live Your Life & Whatever You Like), the album was an international hit.  He dismantled Shawty Lo(What Up, What’s Happening), outshined Jay/Wayne/Kanye “Swagga Like Us”  and reconnected with DJ Toomp(56 Bars-Intro). This album is the definition of crossing over without losing your integrity.

TI Urban Legend Brainofbmw Music

2. “Urban Legend
The spark of his superstardom came here. The singles “Bring Em Out” & “U Don’t Know Me” were all over radio, while “Motivation”  “ASAP” & “Stand Up” ran the streets. This 17 song album is the classic that solidified him as one of the greats in the game.

TI Trap Muzik Album Brainofbmw Music

1. “Trap Muzik
This album ushered in a whole new sound. While almost every southern rapper seems to be in the “trap” these days, this is where it all started. “Rubber Band Man” was his first hit record on the billboard charts and “Let’s Get Away” is as smooth as silk. This 16 track album had only 3 features, but T.I. handled things just fine by himself. Upon its release, this album was criminally underrated. Now, it’s universally recognized as the classic game changer that it is.

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Blade BrownRanking The Albums of T.I.

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