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“Ranking The Albums Of Kanye West” by Blade Brown

Kanye West…is an asshole. That’s almost a scientific fact at this point. Over the course of his career, he’s said and done some outlandish things that have left a sour taste in many people’s mouths. However, there is no disputing he’s one of the most talented artists in the world. When on his A game, Kanye is a force to be reckoned with. Recently, Travis Scott said that Kanye’s upcoming album “SWISH” would be a game changer. A bold statement.

So before we get the “game changer” that is his new album, let’s take a look back and rank his previous work.

7. “Yeezus
This was a no brainer to me. While the album does have a few good songs, it’s mostly a loud, distorted album that is a slap in the face to even the most die-hard Kanye West fans. While I appreciate him being an artist who isn’t afraid to step outside the box, I cannot get into this album.
Top 5 Songs:
“Black Skinhead”
“Blood On The Leaves”
“New Slaves”
“On Sight”
“I Am A God”
6. “808s & Heartbreak
Another experimental album. Coming off the heels on his incredible Graduation album, Kanye was on top of the world. Then he suffered a tragic loss as he mother passed away. Kanye channeled his pain through his music and made this genre mixing album, that in hindsight isn’t as bad as I initially thought. While it’s nowhere near as good as his previous albums, the record itself has a few tunes that still get spun seven years later.
Top 5 Songs:
“See You In My Nightmares”
“Welcome To Heartbreak”
5. “Watch The Throne
A collaborative album with Jay Z is not something just any artist can do. But Kanye West isn’t just any artist. While it is a good album, without a doubt it left a lot to be desired as most fans were expecting the greatest album of all time. While it ranks somewhere in the middle for both artists catalog, it was still a grand moment in rap that will be appreciated more as time goes by.
Top 5 Songs:
No Church In The Wild
Niggas In Paris
I Gotta Have It
Welcome To The Jungle
“New Day”
4. “The College Dropout
A pleasant surprise to everyone who heard it. No one expected this album to be as good as it was. Kanye West’s debut album came out right after his mentor Jay Z put out his “last album”, The Black Album. It’s a good debate on which album is better, but nevertheless Kanye beat out Jay for best rap album at the Grammy Awards. Which would be his first of many, many, many more.
Top 5 Songs:
“Two Words”
“Get Em High”
“All Falls Down”
“Last Call”
3. “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
What is considered his “comeback album” after 808s and the whole Taylor Swift fiasco. This album was extremely dark. Many consider this to be his greatest album. Chris Rock even said its the best album ever made. While I don’t agree with that, I do believe that this album is almost perfect.
Top 5 Songs:
“So Appalled”
“Dark Fantasy”
“Blame Game”
2. “Graduation
The album that showed us that 50 Cent wasn’t immortal. Graduation outsold 50’s Curtis in their highly publicized showdown. And well deserved as Graduation gave Kanye the highest first week sales of his career, and also his third consecutive Best Rap Album Grammy Award.
Top 5 Songs:
“Flashing Lights”
“Good Morning”
“Can’t Tell Me Nothing”
1. “Late Registration
Without a doubt, this is Kanye West masterpiece. The album is one of those albums you can clean the house to. There isn’t one bad song. The production is flawless from beginning to end. “Gold Digger” can come on right now and it’ll sound just as good as it did in 2005. While I do think he’ll eventually make an album better, as of now this is his best body of work. And considering his catalog, that’s saying a lot. Thank You Mr. West!!
Top 5 Songs:
“Bring Me Down”
“Gold Digger”
“Heard Em Say”

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brandonw • July 15, 2015

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