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Ranking Lupe Fiasco’s Albums by Blade Brown

Last week saw the release of Lupe Fiasco’s fifth, and presumably last album. Ever since his debut album in 2006, Lupe has without a doubt been one of the most lyrically gifted MCs in Hip-Hop. But he’s had several issues with the politics of the industry, and it seems as if he’s finally throwing in the towel. With 9 mixtapes, 5 albums and a plethora of solid guest features, Lupe has made a nice legacy for himself if this is indeed the end.

So if this is the end, let’s look back at his studio albums and rank them accordingly.

5. “Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album“(2012)
I have never been a fan of rappers making sequels to their albums. Sometimes it works(“The Chronic 2001“, “Tha Carter II“) but most times it doesn’t (“Tical 2000“, “Philadelphia Freeway 2“). This album falls somewhere in the middle. While its not a bad album, it lacks the creativeness and charisma that its predecessor had.

Top 5 songs
Around My Way
Bitch Bad
Battle Scars
Strange Fruition

4. “Lasers“(2011)
After being delayed several times, the album finally saw the light of day following petitions and protests from fans to the label for its release. Lupe himself says he has a Love/Hate relationship for the album. Loving the fact that his fans wanted it so bad, but hated the compromise he had to make involving the tone of the record. But through all the drama, the album produced his most successful single to date, “The Show Goes On“.

Top 5 Songs:
Beautiful Lasers(2 Ways)
Letting Go
Words I Never Said
All Black Everything
The Show Goes On
3. “Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor“(2006)
I still remember the first time I heard “Kick, Push“. I thought it was a cool record, with a modest video. The complete opposite of what was playing on the radio at the time. While the album had to be retooled following its leak onto the internet, a debate was always had amongst his fans of which version was better: The Leaked or Studio version. Whichever you prefer, this album is still solid and showed a glimpse of the potential from the young Chicago MC.

Top 5 Songs
The Cool
American Terrorist
The Instrumental

2.” Tetsuo & Youth“(2015)
Being promoted as his last album, Tetsuo & Youth has received widespread acclaim from critics. With much more aggressive content than previous albums, Lupe is firing on all lyrical cylinders. If this is the last album we get, he gave us a grand finale.

Top 5 Songs:
Blur My Hands
Prisoner 1 & 2
1. “Lupe Fiasco’s The Cool” (2007)
I’ve said on numerous occasions and I’ll say it again, this is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. Not just rap, albums of any genre. This is a perfectly constructed concept album that doesn’t have one weak link. From beginning to end, this is in my opinion a classic album that gets overlooked way too often. “Superstar” is just as catchy today as it was when you first heard it 8 years ago. Every artist has that album that will define their career. This is that album for Lupe Fiasco.

Top 5 Songs:
Little Weapon
The Die
The Coolest
Gold Watch
Hip-Hop Saved My Life
How would you rank Lupe’s albums???

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brandonw • January 26, 2015

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  1. Brandon M Walker January 26, 2015 - 9:58 AM Reply

    This is dope and I agree but how you went through all of this Lupe history and didn’t mention the track “Pressure” w/Jayz is MADDNESSS!!!!! Lol #Brainofbmw

  2. Album Review: Lupe Fiasco “Tetsuo & Youth” by Blade Brown | www.brainofbmw.com

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