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Nikki Valentine “Let it Go”

So my boy sent me a screen shot from IG a few weeks ago. in the text it said ‘Yo, you have to check out this music”….but it was a screen shot? Anyway I went to the IG page & that is where I found THIS SONG! I’m almost sure that the photos on that IG are NOT the artist who made this song but I COULD BE DEAD WRONG… the more important thing is that “Let It Go” by Nikki Valentine is an amazing song, from start to finish, the production, the songwriting & the vocal performance are all money. Damn shame there is only this one song on her soundcloud. Funny that this is what it takes now to stand out… indie artists have to create catfish IG accounts to gain more exposure…. interesting…BUT IT WORKED! I mean the twitter account, the mentions even the tweets seem susper suspect… I can’t knock the hustle. I digress, lets focus on “Let It Go” happy Friday people enjoy!

SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/nikkivianna
Twitter: @NikkiVianna
IG: @NikkiVianna

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brandonw • August 14, 2015

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