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Hendricks “No Good”

Up & coming R&B artist Hendricks released this dope new song “No Good“. This is really a good song, the vocals are lovely, the production is solid, the lyrics have some substance to them. Hendricks MIGHT have just gained a new fan. I like the honesty in the lyrics, she admits the guy is no good for her but can’t stop messing with him knowing he’s going to go back to his other chick. Love is the worst drug I swear! This song has a great overall vibe & deserves to be added to your “Chill” playlist, don’t confuse that with the “Lets Get the Draws” playlist haha.

Purchase “No Good” via iTunes today!
Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/hendrickssound
Twitter: @Hendricksnojimi
IG: @Hendricksnojimi

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brandonw • May 22, 2015

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