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Sophia Black

Sophia Black “Vibration”

So I’m doing my weekly search for “what new music have my personal favorite artists dropped” haha & I’m listening to a new Swoozy song via his Soundcloud & the next song that played was this amazing song I present to you. I’ve heard the name Sophia Black before I have it marked as someone I need to check out…. Well as fate would have it I did just that and I am damn well impressed. This song Vibration is a well put together piece of art. I don’t know of another song where someone can deliver lyrics so sultry in more than one language. I’m not sure what other language she is speaking maybe French? Doesn’t matter it works great, the production is magical & it blends so well with her smooth sultry voice. I’m a big fan of this song & I’m checking for more.

This is the remix from Penthouse Penthouse and it is just as dope!

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"Vibration"MusicPopSongSophia Black

brandonw • October 15, 2015

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