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drake vs yeezy

Poll: I.Y.H.O Better Discography MUSICALLY? Kanye or Drake

With them both recently releasing albums that have the entire world talking we ask the question…. “In your honest opinion who has the better discography MUSICALLY Drizzy or Yeezy??” Consider all their projects including the joint projects with other artists such as Drake X Future “What a Time To Be Alive” and Kanye X Jayz “Watch The Throne“… As far as compilations like the Young Money project or the G.O.O.D. Music album lets leave those out. Who do you think to this point speaking specifically about the music, NOT SALES, NOT their popularity. The music, beats, rhymes, delivery, content, subject matter all of that.
drake vs yeezy
Full Drake Discography can be found here
Full Kanye West Discography can be found here

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brandonw • May 5, 2016

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