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What is Beyoncé’s “Purple Rain”?

I’ve long considered Beyoncé to be a tremendous talent but never believed she had any timeless music. She is the queen of making music for the moment that is HUGE at the time. It comes in waves & controls the air waves for weeks even months at a time. But outside of that does she have a “Purple Rain“, a “We Belong Together“, an “At Last“??? She has some hits, she’s won a ton of awards, but does she have a “Beat It“? A “Thriller” in her catalog? A truly timeless song that transcends time? Her best claim will be “Put a Ring On It” the phrase is now embedded in pop culture. I can’t tell you how many Facebook posts I’ve seen where people use that as a way to announce their engagement. Beyond that is there another song? “Irreplaceable” maybe? possible but over her 10-12 year career as a solo artist there is no sure fire stamp song. IN MY OPINION… What do you think her “Purple Rain” is? her timeless classic song?

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brandonw • February 27, 2015

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