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[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously”

[Poetry] Shalace Moore “Meticulously”

Enjoy this new poetry piece from the talented Shalace Moore called “Meticulously”


Oh, i got mored than i asked for, as you found the hidden rock on my shore and for sure meticulously played with it causing a long over due eruption. Consumption of compliments & rumplemintz lead to the confidence in us two to do what weve been wanting to do for so long. Strong physical connection hidden by flirteous affection exploded in the time as the night was fading as we waited to be alone, now in ur home we play mimes as we mimic signs of each other we dont bother with words, no need we had a mutual understanding & silently agreed No Penatration & it diffently was not missed, exotic bliss from your hands & ur lips sent me into a zone not quite known…anymore i visit there twice, long ago. & for sure forgot how if feels walking on cloud 9, is this real cause if it is then im in trouble as ur stubble rubs across my cheeck i begin to think, Meticulously of whats next to come…

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brandonw • January 2, 2013

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