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Podcast: “The Secret To Success Podcast Ep 1:The Absolute Truth”

Many of you know I’m HUGE on inspiration and motivation and for a while when we did the “Daily Mojovation” (which we SHOULD bring back). I shared a ton of videos from Eric Thomas aka ET The Hip Hop Preacher. He has expanded into the podcast realm and I present to you Ep 1. I’m a bit behind so you’ll get about 3 straight posts of these just so we are all caught up… But check it out!
Join the Secret to Success conversation with CJ and ET. In this episode learn:

Who ET thinks is the best player in the world…Lebron or Steph
What E learned from his first visit to the Pittsburgh Steelers
What it takes to create a winning franchise/culture
CJ’s big announcement
What ET and CJ got paid for their first gig
What ET eats on his cheat days,
And as always listen in for this week’s discount Code on Grind Gear and ETA accessories

Make sure you check out the awesome merch, books and other items ET has to offer http://goo.gl/MwACs3
Website: etinspires.com
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/etthehiphoppreacher
Twitter: @Ericthomasbtc

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ET inspiresPodcastThe Secret To Success PodcastThe Secret To Success Podcast Ep 1:The Absolute Truth

brandonw • January 9, 2016

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