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Podcast: The Sauce is Free Podcast w/Viscous Vick Ep 1

I like podcasts where I don’t totally agree with the hosts. Vick and I share a common bond in that we are both Budden stans, but beyond that I don’t agree with much of what she says in this ep and I like that! Sh doesn’t care for Mayweather, I’m a huge fan of his, I can’t stand McGregor she loves him… The list goes on, overall this was a solid show I’ll be checking for it in the future for sure. We are a week behind so be on the look out for another one coming very soon.

The first official episode of “The Sauce is Free” with Vicious_Vick. This week we have Anthony, host of YouTube channel Shut Up Anthony joining Vick for the launch of her new podcast. In this weeks episode we talk about Janet Jackson birthday/pregnancy, Connor vs. Mayweather, Joe Budden “retiring” and how Vick IS NOT having it, Bad Boy Reunion Tour, and an extensive look on our love/hate relationship with Instagram.


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PodcastThe Sauce is Free Podcast w/Viscous Vick

brandonw • May 24, 2016

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