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Podcast: Hamrod City Ep 1 Strawberry or Roast Beef?

Those of you familiar with the writings of Blade Brown will be excited by this new podcast as Blade links with his closest friends to talk a great deal of shit and drop some gems and real talk here and there. They cover a ton of topics in episode 1 including under and overrated artists including Redman, Lauryn Hill and Joe Budden. This is about 2 hours long and full of jokes and fun amongst friends. When the ladies hear this they might get pissed but oh well. Check out the Hamrod City Podcast episode 1.

Website: www.hamrodcity.com
IG: @hamrod_city
Twitter: @hamrodcity, @DaGeneralGDub, @sho_nuff_hrc@primaveravills 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/hamrodcity

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brandonw • June 7, 2016

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