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Rico Music X Juice “Pain Is Love”

So, I’m 100% sure this is not the type of post Steeler nation wants to read right now. You’d rather be reading about how we are all excited for our beloved black and gold battling in out in Super Bowl 50. Sadly the only thing I have for you is a new song that features star Steelers running back Le’Veon “Juice” Bell. When reports surfaced that Bell would be releasing a mixtape recently I assumed it was something maybe he was hosting, or maybe he was starting a label? Nah son Juice apparently has “bars”. I’ll be honest I’ve let “Pain is Love” run a few times as I do with any song I review. First and foremost I’m not a fan of auto-tune used correctly it can make a good song great in some cases. If you can sing cool, if you can harmonize cool. But, if you can’t do either you end up going the “singing in the fan” route with it. That’s pretty much what “Pain is Love” sounds like. Rico  isn’t terrible, though he sounds very much like he wants to re-create everything Bryson Tiller already is. To Rico’s credit he sounds like he has done this a few times before. Juice sounds like this was day 3 of midget football and he’s a 5-year-old who wasn’t allowed outside until last week. Bell has an awkward speaking voice, that comes off even more awkward in the music. A very important aspect to make music sound sonically good is the proper utilization of a rappers primary instrument, his voice! Some folks like Ludacris have it others are like Juice, they just don’t. This isnt’ to say that he can’t develop it, I mean Foxy Brown and Lil Kim don’t speak in the same ton or pitch that they rap in and they’ve had solid careers. In addition to the annoying sound of his voice, the lyrics were bad, real bad Michael Jackson. I feel like this is partly Rico’s fault, he should have been his “rap coach” to quote Boris Kodjoe from the movie Brown Sugar. “You know make it so my rhymes get tighter“.

Good news Steelers nation, there is nowhere to go but up from here for Juice and his music career. While I’m never going to write off a young man with the sort of work ethic he has displayed on the grid iron. Just know I’m not in a rush to hear the next release but I’m open and willing to hear it. No you listen to the song and let me know what you think. Tweet me @BMW_ImChillin your opinions just don’t use fire emojis this is far from Dylan.

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brandonw • January 29, 2016

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