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[Mixtape]PFB (Gavo Stone & Rello) “Live Good”

Mixtape “Live Good”

Live Good is a duo EP by Atlanta artist Gavo Stone x Rello , it is their first EP appearing together and features 8 diverse tracks of music all going into detail of what these two feel as “living good”. This EP can be described as a diverse piece of music that has something for everyone to jam out to and dig. The theme of Live Good can be described as where these two artist want to be with their music and what its gonna take to get there. Each song tells a story or scenario touching on subjects such as personal struggle,partying,sex,drugs, love,hate and life as these two young men have seen it and what they’ve been through. Live Good is progression,riding music that also relays a message to you and if not a message just a feel good vibe.

Twitter – @gavostone @relloandherbs 


Mixtape  Mixtape 

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brandonw • July 28, 2012

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