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[Mixtape] Platini “Smoke Session”

Platini “Smoke Session”    To celebrate 4/20 , Platini has teamed up with Daily Chiefers to deliver new music that you can smoke to entitled“Smoke Session”. The EP takes us on a journey through his mind from the intro “Wake and Bake” all the way to the outro “Zone 420”.  “Riding Through…” Prd. by Astronote is the EP’s single , dedicated to his friend that…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] IM SO BURGH

Trend Setter Tuesday IM SO BURGH [BMW] What is IM SO BURGH ? Me and my friends always talk about this.  I woke up one morning about 8:30am, and was listening to some music in 2007 going into 2008.  I was trying to draw inspiration for a song I thought would respectfully represent Pittsburgh while…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Horizons Clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Horizons Clothing [BMW] Who is Horizons? Horizons was established Sept. 2010 by me, Vonchez Graham, Ever since I was in 7th grade I knew designing clothes was what I wanted to do. Horizons is based out of Baltimore, MD. From Baltimore city and Baltimore county. HEYYYY BMORE! haha [BMW] How did you…

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[Picking the Brain] Melody Joy

BMW was able to catch up with the very busy & multifaceted up & coming artist Melody Joy.   [BMW]The Talented Miss Joy…How are you? Not only did you ask me how i am, but you called me talented. That is pure selfless sweetness. Thank you 🙂 and i am good. Stressed a bit, but…

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[Trend Setter Tuesday] Man Cave Clothing

Trend Setter Tuesday Man Cave Clothing [BMW] Who is Man Cave Clothing? Man Cave Clothing is an affordable street clothing brand based out of Pittsburgh. We started in June 2011 and have been going full speed since. We released our Fall Line Collection in September and October showing some new pieces as well as showing…

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[Mixtape] Beat “The Beat Bully LP”

Mixtape Beedie “The Beat Bully LP”   Beedie has been working to create a buzz in his own lane over the last few years and is now poised to be one of the next stars to rise out of Pittsburgh. The Beat Bully LP is Beedie’s first official street album. Featuring 12 tracks all original…

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